Godaddy VS Hostripples

Godaddy VS Hostripples

Today I am going to explain you something which is very simple if you take a closer look, every Internet seeker or web lover should read it to lower down your monthly expenses and value add to your product or you may call it Webhosting.
How to get online presence?
You can get online identity by registering your domain which will be unique and own by you only. No one else can register it once you registered it. Now from where to purchase ? Many times we get confused with Brand and pricing, let me explain it with example. Big brands spend money to get ranking on google and show adds at multiple platform which creates the false popularity amongst the newbie’s . If you go to buy simple domain name from Godaddy the price they show you on display is just Rs. 99 as you can see with the below picture of Godaddy advertisement. Hey ! but here is the catch

Yes it’s a trap if you see and read it carefully you will know that this offer is only valid for the 1st year and for next 2 years they going to charge you more than Rs. 900 and to claim this Rs. 99 domain you have to pay for 3 years now … which means you going to pay in advance for next year and that will be very high pricing.

Now lets check Another leading Cheapest hosting provider in India is Hostripples, they provides you same domain with Rs 199 using PROMO CODE : HOSTRIPPLES199
Now you might think why they providing so cheap must be another trap ? NO its NOT. Hostripples Can offer you this cheap domains as they are interested to serve their Hosting services along with their Excellent 24x7 email/phone support.

Now you might be thinking what I need to do to claim this Exciting offer ! You just need to follow and buy any suitable Hosting package with Hostripples and that is also on Lowest pricing with highest features.. Yes with Highest features really I mean it. Check out below

Now if you compare these packages with the Godaddy you will get the difference quickly how big players like Godaddy place the trap for you. To show example check 1st plan of Godaddy and Hostripples


Not only this! you will get below unlimited features from Hostripples where you will not get it from Godaddy
• Free Let's Encrypt SSL :YES
• Web Space :Unlimited
• Monthly Bandwidth :10 GB
• Websites You Can Host :1
• CPU :50%
• RAM:1 GB
• INODES :Unlimited
• Sub Domains :1
• Parked Domains :1
• FTP Accounts :3
• MySQL Databases :1
• Email Accounts :2
• Mailing Lists :0
• Domain Registrar Reseller Account :Free
• Softaculous :Free
• CloudFlare :Free
• SiteApps :Free
• Setup Fee :Free
• Online WebSite Builder :Free
• Data Transfer From Other Hosting :Free
• Cpanel Control Panel :YES
• Mail Forwarders :YES
• Auto Responders :YES
• Spam Filters :YES
• File Manager :YES
• FTP Access :YES
• Log Files & Site Stats :YES
• Backup / Restore :YES
• Custom Error Pages :YES
• CGI / Perl :YES
• Cron Job :YES
• MIME Type :YES
• Apache Handler :YES
• PHP / Perl :YES
• Server Side Includes (SSI) :YES
• GD Library :YES
• Zend Optimizer :YES
• CGI Scripting :YES
• PhpMyAdmin :YES
• Image Magick :

You wont belive me that Godaddy does charge you for backup also and with very limited features as below which is already covered by Hostripples India default.

Each Linux plan includes
• cPanel
Access all the hosting features and settings you need with this industry-standard control panel.
• CloudLinux
Keep your site online with truly balanced CPU, RAM and Disk IO limits
• Resources on-demand
Get more CPU, RAM, EntryProcesses and I/O with just a click.
• Cage FS
Protect your content 24/7 with this virtualized file system.
• Free applications
Install over 125 applications on your website with just a click.
See How Godaddy Charge you for backup where as Hostripples do not charge you for any backup or restore.

This is just for one package you can compare any package or features where you will know how Big players plays with your money. To check out Awesome Features and Best support from industries leading hosting company Hostripples Web Hosting provider check out the website
Checkout All offers at

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