Plesk allows you to configure how emails are routed for your domain. There are two main scenarios for email routing:

  • Using Plesk’s local mail server: This is the default option where emails are delivered to mailboxes created on the Plesk server.
  • Using an external mail server: This involves setting up your domain to use an external email service like Gmail or Microsoft 365 for email delivery.

Check how to configure email routing in Plesk for using an external mail server:

Log in to your Plesk account



In the Websites & Domains section, select your domain and click on the Mail Settings option.


The Mail Settings panel will open. Here, you’ll see an option titled “Activate mail service on this domain“. This option is most likely enabled if you’re currently using Plesk’s local mail server.


To route emails to an external server, disable the “Activate mail service on this domain” option.


Click OK at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

It’s important to note that changing these settings might take some time to propagate through the system. Once the changes take effect, emails sent to your domain will be routed to the external mail server you’ve configured with your MX records.


Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Disabling the local mail server ensures emails are delivered to the external server. This is necessary when using a service like Gmail.
  • Make sure you have properly configured your domain’s MX records to point to the external mail server for proper email delivery.

For more advanced email routing configurations or troubleshooting any issues, it’s recommended to consult your web hosting provider’s documentation or support center.

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