What is .ws Domain, its Meaning & Why we Use It?

We all know how significant a domain name is for your online brand. It is like your online business identity, and it has to be perfect. When it comes to choosing your domain name, selecting the right TLDs (Top Level Domain) is critical to your website visibility.

.Com domain is the most popular domain TLD that is considered an ideal option for businesses that want to reach global audiences. However, there is a long list of TLDs that you can use based on your location and business expansion needs. In this article, we are going to discuss .ws domain TLD that is not well-known, and not many of you have ever heard about it.

You might be thinking, why would anyone bother about using this TLD when they don’t even know about .ws domain meaning?

Well, in this blog, we’ll try to figure out the use and significance of the .ws domain and why we should or shouldn’t get it.

What is .ws Domain? .ws domain is a TLD extension for country Samoa; however, people living outside of Samoa can also use this extension. There are no location restrictions, anyone can register .ws internationally. ws is an abbreviation for Western Samoa.

Full Article Source: https://www.temok.com/blog/ws-domain-meaning/
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