cPanel & WHM version 116 for CloudLinux 9


This article includes information about cPanel and WHM version 116. Moreover, it has experimental support for the CloudLinux™ 9 operating system.

What is CloudLinux 9?

CloudLinux 9 is the latest stable release of CloudLinux OS, a Linux distribution designed for shared hosting providers. It is based on AlmaLinux 9 and introduces a range of new features and enhancements, including:

  • Kernel 5.14: The latest stable kernel version offers improved performance, security, and hardware support.
  • Full cPanel integration: CloudLinux 9 is now fully integrated with cPanel, making it easier for hosting providers to manage their servers.
  • Improved resource isolation: CloudLinux 9 includes several new features that improve resource isolation, such as CageFS and LVE containers.
  • Enhanced security: CloudLinux 9 includes several new security features, such as SELinux and Fail2ban.
  • Improved performance: CloudLinux 9 includes several features that improve performance, such as LXC containers and the Btrfs filesystem.

CloudLinux 9 is the major update offering several new features and improvements. It is a good choice for hosting providers who are looking for a stable and reliable platform for their shared hosting servers.

Here are some of the key benefits of using CloudLinux 9:

  • Improved performance: CloudLinux 9 is designed to be faster and more efficient than previous versions.
  • Better resource isolation: CloudLinux 9 helps to prevent one user from consuming all of the resources on a server, which can lead to performance problems for other users.
  • Enhanced security: CloudLinux 9 includes some new security features that help to protect your servers from attacks.
  • Full cPanel integration: CloudLinux 9 is now fully integrated with cPanel, making it easier for hosting providers to manage their servers.

If you are a hosting provider, CloudLinux 9 is a good option for you. It is a stable, reliable, and secure platform that can help you to improve your performance and security.


  • cPanel only supports CloudLinux 9 as an experimental operating system for cPanel & WHM version 116.
  • They don’t allow the use of this operating system in production environments. If you try to use then you’ll encounter unexpected errors if you use CloudLinux 9 in a production environment.
  • Avoid installing an older version of cPanel & WHM on this operating system.

cPanel has mentioned this information in advance as WHM users are known to install this operating system on their servers.  To read more information check the Installation Guide documentation.

They have tested the cPanel &WHM version 116 in the CloudLinux 9 environment.

Changes that affect the functionality

Below mentioned are the changes in CloudLinux 9 that will affect the functions in cPanel & WHM version 116:

  • CloudLinux 9 supports various MySQL and MariaDB versions than operating system versions.
  • CloudLinux 9 doesn’t involve EasyApache 4 PHP versions older than PHP 8.0. For more information, read Introduction to PHP
  • Python 2 is soon going to end therefore cPanel is supporting Python 3 on CloudLinux 9 servers. For more information read How to Use Python on AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, Ubuntu, and CloudLinux 9 documentation.
  • CloudLinux 9 utilizes the Network Manager service. Hence, you’re not asked to disable Network Manager on this operating system.

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